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Guangzhou Yuexiu District Library launches RFID system

The digital information service of the Yuexiu District Library in Guangzhou has a new trick. The recently launched RFID reader self-service book borrowing and returning system makes it a reality for readers to borrow and return multiple books at once in a few seconds (see above picture, photo by Chen Qiuming) ). The system uses electronic label technology, which can automatically identify books from a long distance. Since then, the library has been able to get rid of the shackles of book barcodes, and borrowing and returning books will be more convenient and efficient.
This weekend, the first grade student Wang Jing walked into the Yuexiu District Library, selected two books on the physical health of adolescence, and calmly walked to the self-service library. She tapped "Borrow Book" on the touch screen, put the reader card and the book on the card reader and the book platform respectively, and completed the book borrowing at one time. According to reports, the RFID reader self-service borrowing and returning system can complete the service functions of self-service borrowing, returning, renewing, and borrowing inquiry. The biggest advantage is that it can borrow and return multiple books at a time. The borrowing and returning operation is quick and easy, which greatly improves the " The degree of convenience of "Popular Book Bar".
It is reported that RFID technology is called the library technology of the 21st century. Its appearance has greatly changed the traditional service mode of the library, making the service of the library change from traditional to modern, and the business of the library is developing from automation to digitization.