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In the traditional production and circulation links, documents are an indispensable part. In today's large-scale production environment, a large number of document processing will not only reduce efficiency and increase labor costs, but also often cause various errors due to human factors. . The use of the RFID system can transform the "document flow" into a "data flow", and use electronic means to transmit information to various links and departments, which is not only fast, but also has an error rate of almost zero. The implementation is very simple, just add an electronic tag with an RFID chip on the product, and set up a dedicated read/write device in a specific place.
If RFID label printing device is used, wireless detection device is used to count the quantity of products in and out of the warehouse; it can establish and refine the finished product warehouse storage location management function, improve the warehouse turnover rate, and ensure the accuracy of inventory; it is coordinated with the delivery to ensure the product The optimal inflow, storage and outflow of the product; improve the accuracy of shipment, reduce labor intensity and workload; provide auxiliary data support for production planning and job scheduling management; at the same time, significantly improve the accuracy of product customer traceability. Through the implementation of ERP-based RFID solutions, the integration of RFID identification products and ERP for inventory and sales management is realized, which not only realizes the refined management of products based on RFID tags, but also conducts product inventory status and sales flow through ERP data flow. Complete management.