Asset management

File management information solution

System Overview
In the archives management hall, the archives management office of enterprises and institutions, we can often see that managers are anxious and busy for not being able to accurately find the required information.
How to find the information accurately? This problem has long made file management staff painstakingly.
By analyzing the existing problems in current file management, Shenzhen Yongxin IoT Technology has designed a set of file management automation system based on RFID technology, and elaborated on the system's functional module architecture and management business process, with a view to file automation , Make improvements in intelligent management.


demand analysis
Yongxin IoT Technology uses the combination of RFID automatic identification technology and the back-end database management system to realize the whole-process tracking and intelligent management of files. It can be widely used in various environments including various governments, military, public institutions, large and medium-sized enterprises, hospitals, schools, libraries, secret-related agencies and other organizations that need to manage files intelligently, as well as various files and confidential document management.



Scheme topology diagram
The main functions of this system include file management, online monitoring, loan and return management, system tools, query inventory, system maintenance, encryption and decryption, personalized services and other modules.


Engineering process

Entry process-inventory process-query process-security management-anti-destroy management-anti-theft management-destruction management
Functions and Features
(1) Non-contact data collection;
(2) Fast scanning and data processing;
(3) Large label information capacity;
(4) High safety performance;
(5) Strong anti-pollution performance;
(6) Small size;
(7) It is convenient to update information;
(8) penetrating reading;
(9)EAS anti-theft function.